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Caltech India offers JM-140 Jeep Meter.

It is designed specifically for testing the output voltages of both Holiday Detector (DC & Pulse DC). Jeep Meter is recommended to measure the peak voltage of high voltage holiday detectors. The output voltages of holiday detector can be affected by many items like weather conditions, dirt grease contamination of electrodes, breakages of cable to handle, poor grounding, out of calibration period etc.

The jeep meter can be used for verification or calibration of holiday detectors. All measurements can be made quickly and accurately using jeep meter. This jeep meter is small, lightweight, rugged and can be used quickly and easily by field / site personnel to check the output voltages of holiday detector at construction sites. Both DC and pulse holiday detectors or porosity detectors are verified using jeep meter.

Holiday detector is suitable for all types of coatings like fusion bonded epoxy, coal tar epoxy, paints, polyester, polyurethane, pipeline tapes, heat shrinks and asphalt. Holiday detector is used to inspect protective coatings applied to pipelines, tanks, pilings, fire lines or cathodically protected cross country buried pipelines of conductive surface. It is essential to verify high voltage DC or pulse voltage of instrument in doubt. It is used to verify voltages of holiday detector at pipeline construction sites.

It is fitted with 2 nos. 9 Volts batteries. Above picture shows the view of jeep meter. The jeep meter has a clear legible display and allows measurements to be easily seen even in low light locations.

Voltage measurement range is 0 to 40KV(0 to 40000 pulse DC Volt) & 0-6KV (0 to 6000 DC Volts) based on model of your choice. Display resolutions is 0.1KV. It is supplied complete with measuring instrument, earth cable, battery fitted, and carrying case and calibration certificate.Two different models of jeep meter for your choice.

We also undertake Repair and Calibration of all types of Holiday Detector, Pinhole Detector, Jeep Meter of SPY Pipeline Inspection Company, Tinker & Rasor, PCWI Meter.

Also available full range of holiday detectors for meeting pipeline, engineering, construction & maintenance of paints, coating and lining industries.

Ordering Information:

Holiday Detector / Jeep Meter

Holiday Detector HD-05 0.1KV to 5KV. Resolution 0.01KV
Holiday Detector HD-10 0.1KV to 10KV. Resolution 0.01KV
Holiday Detector HD-830 8KV to 30KV. Resolution 2 KV
Pinhole Detector PD-990 9 / 67.5 / 90 Volts
Jeep Meter JM-140 Jeep Tester (0-40KV Pulse / 0-5KV DC)

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