Magnetic Surface Thermometer


Caltech India offers Magnetic Surface Thermometer. Dual Magnet Mount Surface Thermometers are specifically designed to measure surface temperature. Used on any horizontal surface or held magnetically to any magnetic surface. These instruments feature two high temperature alnico magnets that act as the thermometers base and hold the instrument in place on magnetic surfaces. The bimetallic sensor is located in a draft shield and is in virtual thermal contact with the surface to be measured. This gives the instrument a relatively quick response time. The thermometer reaches sensing equilibrium (stability) within three minutes. Single or max-min ancillary hands are available for this instrument as an option.

Designed for applications such as: hot plates; griddles; die-cast dies; foundry core boxes; annealing ovens; weld preheats; motors, generators, and engines; bearings; boilers, tanks etc

Range C Model Div
-20°C to +120°C 312C
-20°C to +250°C 313C
10°C to +400°C 314C
-15°C to +65°C 315C
-70°C to +70°C 330C

Surface Thermometer for Continuous Welded Rail and Jointed Rail Temperature Measurement.

These fully enclosed ultra-magnetic surface thermometers are the toughest yet. The Models 550F and 555F are built with quality materials, using the strongest magnet ever designed for a surface thermometer. These instruments are ideally suited for the rail industry. Any of these thermometers can be stored in a belt pouch. Reference our part number 350.9


Accuracy ±2% of Full Scale
Diameter 2.1″(5.3cm)
Height 0.9″ (2.3cm)
Weight 3 oz. (85g)
Certification NIST Traceable
Meets or Exceeds Arema Specifications
Features Plastic Lens
Accessories Single or Max-Min Hands
Temperature Ranges 20°F to +160°F or 0°F to 150°F

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