Dust Evaluation Tape

Synonym : Dustiness tape, dust contamination tape


Dustiness tape also known as dust evaluation tape or dust evaluation kit is recommended tape and magnifier to be used for assessing the amount of dust on blasted steel surfaces or dust rating, which have been prepared for painting. It is also known as test for assessment of surface cleanliness.

Dustiness tapes provide pictorial ratings for the assessment of the average quantity of dust as well as descriptive classes for the assessment of the average size of the dust particles.

The method is based on pressing a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape on to the steel surface to be tested. Dust evaluation tapes are used to carry as a “pass/fail” test by comparison with specific limits or by permanently recording the dust present on a surface by mounting the tapes.

The tape is pressure sensitive, transparent and correct adhesive strength greater than 190 N / meter to comply with the ISO 8502-3 Assessment of dust on steel surfaces prepared for painting (pressure-sensitive tape method). Dust on blast cleaned steel surfaces may reduce the adhesion of applied coatings and by absorbing moisture, may promote the corrosion of the blast cleaned steel. Both the viewing lens and tape are detailed in the ISO 8502-3 standard. This being a visual method of evaluation it is very easy and useful test.

The importance of dustiness tape evaluation is also specified in ISO 8501-1 for preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products. Tape length is supplied in 25mm x 60 meters rolls.complete dust tape test kit is supplied along with tape, chart and magnifier.


XA001 Dust Evaluation Tape complies with ISO 8502-3
XA201 Viewing Lens complies with ISO 8502-3
XA101 Dust Tape Test Kit

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